The US Times

WOW! Everything finally lined up just right and after 26 years of looking for the band, the US Times, I have finally struck gold!

The US Times had an album, “Wanna Go to London”, with two songs that seemed to get a good rotation on WPRG in Baton Rouge, LA, US (now known as KLSU, the excellent LSU college station) sometime in 1982: “Wanna Go to London” and “I’m an Actor”. Unfortunately, I never saw them live. Oh, well. Those were the only songs I’ve heard from the album, that I know of.

They got enough airplay for me to remember some of the music and lyrics over the course of 26 years, slowly fading, fading, until today. Nothing in used record stores; in 1995, I began searching on the internet for it, maybe searching every year or two. At some point, about 1994, I spoke with my old high school friend, who is now married to Don, the original bass player, but somehow didn’t put two and two together.  The internet grew and grew, the new music revolution was on and still I couldn’t find anything on the US Times.

About a year ago, I found a couple of good posts tucked into discussion groups, one of them at Dash Rip Rock’s site, with some info about the US Times. It was interesting to find, but still no sign of an album or tape to buy. Nothing on eBay, Amazon, eMusic, iTunes, etc.

Until today, when I found it on playlist. So fabulous, better than I remembered. And it’s dreamier still because it has the scratchy album sounds. Sigh…

Baton Rouge had a super-cool punk/new wave movement of local bands in the late 70’s and early 80’s, which was substantially encouraged by the Sex Pistols tour in 1978. Bands like the Shit Dogs and the Pigs have been cited among the local influences on this movement, and the fabulous Carlotta St. Parties, particularly at Halloween. The State Street/Chimes Street area just outside the LSU gates held the hotbed of clubs like The Chimes and The Bayou which hosted memorable shows.

Lead singer Gino Luti belts out with seriously cool inflections. I adore his voice in these tunes. With Don Snaith (aka “Snake”) thumpin’ out the bass grooves, Hans van Brackle rocks on guitar and currently provides the “classic edge” with the cover band Legendary Rhythm Bandits, and Buddy Bowers on the skins.

The tune “Wanna Go to London” is punky and energetic, while “I’m an Actor” seems to pick up more of a funky r&b groove. These are both really fun songs with delightfully simple progressions and subtly clever lyrics. FUN, did I mention FUN? I can’t help but groove when I hear them.

There is a recent rendition of the song “Wanna Go to London” by the band Jonny Was, featuring Shane West. Haven’t heard that, but would be interested in taking a listen.

Do you remember the US Times from Baton Rouge? Do you have any copies or recordings that you would like to share with this desperate listener? Post a comment if you do.

Click the atomic particle below to listen on playlist. A new window will open. Ouch, it’s gone! Easy come, easy go.

Listen to the US Times

If you have a better update than this, please post them in a comment!  [Words in brackets like this ] signify a phonetic guess. If you look around the internet, you can find a lame version of “Wanna Go to London”, presumably based on the Jonny Was release of the same song. They probably did change some of the lyrics slightly from the original, but the lyrics listed below are closest to the original lyrics of the 1982 release.



Wanna Go to London Lyrics

I wanna have a bloody good time
Get drunk on English stout
[Finally meet a queen so mean]

I want
I want
I want
I want
I wanna go to London
Now can I go to London?
Now will I go to London?
So leave me London England

Show me ’round your sleepy town
Where Holmes and Watson lurked
Is there still a Baskerville?

I want
I want
I want
I want
I wanna go to London
Now can I go to London?
Now will I go to London?
So leave me London England

The girls all talk so sexy
The guys are fuckin’ trash
And everybody’s proud to be
Of the working class

I don’t love it so I’ll leave it
I’ll go to Liverpool
Muswell Hill, Soho, Brighton

I want
I want
I want
I want
I wanna go to London
Now can I go to London?
Now will I go to London?
So leave me London England

I want to see the home of Hitchcock
And where a buzz bomb hit
If I don’t go I’ll be undone

If I
If I
If I
If I
If I don’t go to London
My life would be undone
If I don’t go to London
Well, my life would be no fun


Not Jamaica, not Paree
[Not gonna go to] Waikiki
Not to Egypt or Japan

I’m an Actor Lyrics

They got places
For people like me
They got ideas
For what I can be
To set me back
On the right track
For I might need
Something I lack

I might fake it
As a matter of fact
I’ve been fakin’
Puttin’ on an act

I’m an actor
Not in movies
I’m an actor
Not Broadway
I’m an actor
I’m acting normal
I act okay

[If I get one
Livin’] like you
There’d be no choice
As to what to do
So I’m faking
I’m imitating
May not be real
But it’s still me
I do what I like
Keep it legal
And when it’s not
I keep it cool

I’m an actor
Not in movies
I’m an actor
Not Broadway-yay-eeeeee
I’m an actor
I’m acting normal
I act okay

Well, if I acted
The way that I felt
They’d put me away
For my own health
So I act fine
I don’t speak my mind
It’s not that hard
Once you get the hang
Stifle yourself
Don’t react rash
Nothing is
Important as

I’m an actor
Not in movies
I’m an actor
This ain’t Broadway-yay-eeeeee
I’m an actor
I’m acting normal
I act okay

[horn/guitar solos]

I smoke cigarettes
I’ve got housepets
I read the newspaper
I mow my grass
I change my oil
I change my clothes
I love my girl
I pay for it
I lost a job
I try to act not like a slob
I pull it off
I seem okay
So now they can’t put me away
I’m such a good actor
I act naturally
I act casual
I act comfortable in awkward situations

I’m an actor
Baby, baby look at me
I’m an actor
All the world’s a stage to me
I’m an actor
I’m as real as I can be
I’m an actor


73 Responses to The US Times

  1. badger says:

    Aw, damn… i missed out on that playlist. It’s bound to turn up again soon. I have the email addresses of some of the guys in the band (as they commented on my site,) but never used them, let alone asked them whether they still had access to their recordings.

  2. Diane says:

    I’m so sorry you missed it, too. It was only up for like a day or two after I posted it and then it was gone! There was a post, I think in your comments, from Hans Van Brackle saying he still had some live cassettes. I should contact him and ask about those.

    When I talked to my friend, Don’s wife, she said she might have something somewhere, but I haven’t heard back yet.

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Beau Bahan says:

    They really were a lot of fun, and had a great live sound. They played ‘big’.

    So many good songs, I’m just going to pull out one to mention because it made a friend and I laugh recalling it and singing it – “Wendy O”

    “….She’s sportin’ massive thighs…”

    Former WPRG/KLSU’er here, Beau Bahan, now in Austin. Yo, y’all!

  4. Diane says:

    So cool! You don’t still have any of those live recordings, do ya?

    I would SO like to have access to the masters and re-release those tunes! I read on another blog (I think orbis-quintis) that Hans had some live cassettes. I have tried to contact him, and am waiting to hear back…

    Maybe we’ll see you at SXSW 2009!

    • Kevin Camel says:

      can you still provide a copy of “I wanna go to London”?

      • Diane says:

        When I changed computers, I figured out how to transfer my music, but it is now listed in my computer as 4-letter code names. It transferred back into my iPod fine, with 99.9% of song titles and artists showing up correctly, but still in the computer as the 4-letter code 😦 So I can’t tell what’s what. Is this Kevin Camel from BRHS?

    • Lea K Johnson says:

      HI, I’m Lea K, I was a roadie for the Times for 16 + years. I have at least 2 full length live recordings. One is from the Bayou; other could be from the Chimes. Gimme a call 225-505-5088.

      ROCK ON!!!!!

  5. Beau Bahan says:

    I may have a 45 single somewhere if I can find it, and I have a copy of the New Orleans compilation they appeared on, but no live recordings.

    And that’s too bad, ’cause they really did have it going on, live.

  6. Diane says:

    And I think it’s rather uncommon for bands to sound great live. It’s often the case that bands sound good on their recordings and they sound like crap live.

  7. George says:

    I still have the case to the tape of the “Wanna Go to London” album… no tape though… Where can I get a digital copy? Or a remastered CD? Some ingenious new (or old) capitalist has to realize there is some money to be made with releasing this?

    Any help????

  8. Diane says:

    Hey George:

    I hear you! My guess is something is in the works. There is rumor of a tribute page; when I have contacted people involved and shown a willingness to volunteer for online music distribution services or other web help, I have heard nothing back. So either something is in the works and they don’t want to e-mail me back and say “We’re already doing something with it”, or “Back off; this is our glory fest,” or “Thanks, but no thanks,” or I am being perceived as a johnny-come-lately flake who can’t walk the walk! LOL

    I would love to help set up the remastering, re-recording or electronic distribution, and not for glory or money. However, you can’t force a pig to fly unless you hurl it into the air, and that’s really not flying; it’s more of a forced momentum thing. So my own offer is out there, and I’m not even a good capitalist! I just want to hear the rest of the damn album!

    Of course, they are probably wondering what I base my offer on: I have The Tube Dogs standing by to assist in all the technical aspects…

  9. Diane,

    I can help you out here.

    I’ve got a mint LP copy of the U.S. Times’ Wanna Go to London, and I was shocked to realize that I hadn’t already entered it into the computer. I already have their Mr. Right (b/w Vogue Baby) and The Obvious (b/w Wendy O) singles (as The Times) on the hard drive.

    Being that I do a non-radio radio show (I like to think of 3 Chords & the Truth as soooooo much more than a podcast), I have a pretty decent home studio, with a Technics turntable and a Soundcraft stereo mixer. And my PC has a pro-quality sound card . . . and Adobe Audition editing software.

    I think you know where I’m going with this. I can make the LP sound better than the original. And this can be all yours — for free. I am no bootlegger.

    Drop me a line at the E-mail addy on the website.

    • Lea K Johnson says:

      I’m Lea K, former roadie for The (US) Times & would love to talk w/you re: a copy. I have Hip Isn’t It; don’t have Wanna Go To London. I’ll hook you up w/live recordings from Bayou & Chimes, in good sound quality. Please call 225-505-5088

  10. Diane says:

    I had visited your site when you first commented, and didn’t have time to listen. I still didn’t have much time today, but I am going to make a point to download some of those shows to the iPod where I can listen at leisure (although said “leisure” may take 3 months to listen to one full show!).

    Thanks for your generous gift offer!


  11. George says:

    I like the sound of where this is going… but I am no mixologist/techno/music MacGyver…

    Can you email me the music, o MIGHTY FAVOG?

  12. Tom says:

    hey guys, I have 2 copies of their follow up album “Hip Isn’t It”. One copy is all ragged out cause I played it so much. The 2nd copy was never even opened (still got the cellaphane on it– I was gonna give it to someone for a gift but never got around to it, kewl, huh? I’m scared to open it…)

    I saw them palay about 10 years ago on a renion nite at the Spanish Moon. They rocked. They were aell ALL types of US Times stuff- copies of old albums/tales, t-shirts. Gino rules!


  13. Diane says:

    : )

    Yay! I was beginning to wonder if you were some virtual guy who showed up on the internet every few years and taunted us all with talk of the US Times!

    Thanks for visiting! Can you confirm or deny correct lyrics for the old-school fans? Is there a musical Chimes St. Project in the works? So many questions!

  14. LASKO says:

    This Band was called the Times in 1981 when i saw them many times live all over LA. great stuff. trying to find a song they did called “WENDY O” I’M LOOKING FOR MY OLD 45’S NOW. Keep up the search and let us know. thanks LASKO

    • Frank Lasko says:

      STILL looking , trying to tell my son, live video ……. Who the Fuck has them……… This band was so great live..chased than all over LA. In the early 80’s…. I need them now….

  15. Wild Kyle says:

    I first saw the then called “The Times” on 23 July 1982 at the LSU Assembly Center. The were the opening act for Blondie for her “Hunter” tour. John Cougar was originally scheduled to open for Blondie but his album American Fool sold bucket loads so he left Blondie and went on to headline his own tour. The Times got the gig and were fucking great. I was at Leisure Landing (a record store in Tiger Town just outside the LSU campus) a few days later and saw the 45rpm single of “The Obvious” with the flip side being “Wendy O” an homage to the now late Wendy O. Williams. They later released another 45rpm with the songs “Vogue Baby” and “Mr. Right” then I believe came the album “Wanna Go to London”. I heard tell that the name change came about because the Morris Day group The Time threatened of may have even sued for copyright infringement. I still have the 45’s and the L.P. which I have burnt onto cd and converted to mp3 so I can enjoy on my ipod. Their shit still holds up to this day. I am so glad I had a front row seat during such a great time for live music at LSU and the Baton Rouge area. I got to see The Times play live many times and they never disappointed, a killer punk band as they were labeled, however they were just a great rock n roll band to me. I still cherish my memories of this band 30+ years later and if the guys are out there thank them for those good times, and to let them know their music did touch some. The punk has to grow-up but he does not have to give in. Where ever you guys may be you still have me.

  16. The Markman says:

    I used to have a LP of The US Times- ‘Hip Isn’t It’. It is a great album.
    I sent it off to have it burned to CD with a coworker who lost the album, but I still have the CD which I listen to from time to time. I am looking for the song titles so I can label them on my iTunes.

    I also recall them opening up for Culture Club on Halloween night in 1985-ish at the Pete Marevich Center. Great performance and great album.

    • Mike says:

      Was @ the Culture Club gig myself and saw The US Times many times around BR. My roommate had the same album and listened to its constantly. Some of the song titles I recall:

      Product of a Broken Home
      Young Professionals
      DOA or AOA
      Loitering with Intent

  17. Both the US Times “Wanna Go To London” & Times “Hip Isn’t It” albums will be available for digital download on CDBaby in the very near future.
    c&p Skratch Records / Pal Productions Co.
    all rights reserved

  18. Diane says:

    Ooh, I don’t have any of those, Markman. Now I have some new songs to look forward to!

    Thanks everyone for keeping the US Times alive!

  19. CDBaby has both US Times & The Times albums for digital download.
    Passionate Rock n Roll like none other. Get yourself some!

  20. Chuck Floyd says:

    I had the great privilege of seeing them play quite a few times in BR. Really the only band for me at that time that was so good I could just forget myself and all the crap and just let loose. Gino used to hate us idiots dancing. they were together for too short of a time, but man those were fun nights at Chimes St. I just bought an album from CDbaby. Its weird how all the lyrics just come right back to you once you hear the music.

  21. Chase Carnahan says:

    haha. I’m Buddy Bowers’s nephew, and his wife Emily Bowers Carnahan is my aunt. I have the cd. And i also have my uncle Buddy’s rogers drum kit he played with. its pretty sweet.

    • Diane says:

      That DOES sound sweet, Chase! Thanks for telling everyone about it. Now how ’bout some pics?

      • Chase Carnahan says:

        i just went to baton rouge to visit them today. he told me he would make some copies of the pictures he has. i’ll get my aunt to send me some via email. he told me some great stories about the band.

    • chris deloach says:

      I am an old drummer for the times Travis Barnett. Would like to make contact with some old friends

      • Debbie Davis says:

        Hey Gino , it’s Debbie Davis !! Wow! Where are you these days and how the hell are ya ? This post popped up as I was trying to find info on when the Plasmatics played in BR ? Hahaha! What a complete surprise to read this and find the site !
        Please get in touch with me !!! Would love to see you again !!! What crazy FUN we all had at WORK AND PLAY !! Or on FB in NOLA ….
        Miss you. Xxx

  22. Larry says:

    I saw them many times at the Bayou and also their great opening act for Blondie. I still have a “stars and stripes” scarf that was pulled off off Gino during a show at The Bayou.

    I still have my copy of the LP “Wanna go to London”. It’s blue when you hold it up to the light.

  23. Jack says:

    MAN! I saw the US Times a good many times back in the 80’s. They played the Chimes back when it was the coolest bar in BR that wasn’t part of the frat/coolie scene. They also played the Art Bar a bunch. Slam dancing to their stuff is a part of my college years that I will never forget. I would LOVE to have their music on MP3. Is there any chance someone can digitize their albums? I’d be happy to pay you for it.

  24. Diane says:

    Really cool to see how popular this thread continues to be. These tunes are available here: Wanna Go To London

    Thanks everyone for continuing to share memories of Baton Rouge ’80s music scene and the US Times! 🙂

    And I’m selling handmade gemstone jewelry now; I’d love for you to check it out,Rock Wear Gems!

  25. Jack says:

    I just downloaded both Wanna Go to London and Hip Isn’t It from CD Baby. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Man, talk about re-living some of the best moments of your carefree misspent youth. Thanks SO much to whoever digitized these gems and made them available.

    Jack Gutweiler

  26. RM says:

    I use to have two tapes of the Times/US Times. Great Baton Rouge memories from the 80’s. Thanks for the links to the MP3s!

  27. Big Daddy new Wave says:

    Its very cool reading all these posts. The memory for me is a sweet one. The practice room on Eaton St. Having to convince Hans to work with me. The Tiger Lair, Travis, Chiefs on Highland, Mothers Mantel, the Bayou, Aquiring Snake and Buddy B. Thinking we were going places. The Industry, Damn Shame, Harry Dog, Jett Rink, The Shit Dogs, The Noise, George Zoomer, Hank Sucks, The Rude Pigs, Wheelie RIP, Izzy RIP, John, Bozo, Spanish Town, Mars my beloved dog. Beau, Sasha, Lois Lane, Paul. Walking down Chime Street and people driving by and yelling my name. Free concerts at the Oak grove. Tripping at the PRG studios. Eddy Allman, Frank, Falling off the stage at the Bayou and landing on the crowd only to have them pas me over their heads. Being so proud of my band. Bitching at Johnny P. to get us a contract. Wearing make-up, shaving my head. Freak at the Greek. My red van, my dog Mars, my house in Spanish Town. Opening for Blondie, Scooter, Ron and Lea K. Going to see the Clash at the Warehouse. Thinking the Cold were our arch rivals. Forgetting my own lyrics on stage, rocking out night after night, showing up to cook at Poets every day. Hoping for that big break. Getting stoned, dripping sweat. Telling the crowd to take it easy. Then going right back at it for more kaos. Juke in the Box. Making flyers, booking gigs. Writing a pest list. Not realizing how truely cool it all was…

    • Diane says:

      Love it! Is this Gino? I didn’t know y’all personally (though my buddy at BRHS married Don), but reading your memories brings back so many of my own! And thanks to all the people who are keeping all our fond memories alive on this blog post!

      Feel free to post anything else you recall!

    • kelly says:

      I just found one album on amazon cloud. Have to buy it. I used to go see the US Times with the greatest human being I have ever known, Joel West, in the mid 80’s. So many happy times.

    • Beverly Laude says:

      Thanks for the memories! I still remember dancing the night away many times to you guys! You used to play Gang of Four’s “I Love a Man in a Uniform” after my boyfriend went to Germany with the Army.

      • Beverly Laude says:

        I must have had a “senior moment”…the song was a US Times original, “Primal Urges”….my boyfriend at the time & I used to think that the song was written about us because it fit so well…

  28. Renee Jordan says:

    WOW ..found the music on itunes! Gino where’s This Town on there?? this is Gary Jordan’s wife Renee..don’t jus tease us with two albums give us This Town on itunes!

  29. […] Shane’s father, Don “Snake” Snaith, played bass for a retro-punk bank called the U.S. Times. And, his mother, Catherine, was the lead singer and keyboardist for a group called the ParalElles. […]

  30. Lea K Johnson says:

    Speaking of the ParalElles, we’ve lost Johnny/aka/Melanie Wells & Don married His Biggest Fan & now we have Shane!

    • chris deloach says:

      This is Travis j Barnett from baton rouge. I live in shreveport. I used to play drums for the times way back was trying to make contact with my old band mate’s give me a call 318 4590691

  31. Scott Millspaugh says:

    Sad to hear about Johnny… Gino – email me ya punk – I lost yours after the website idea died off…,..

  32. Wow! Fabulous site you have here!…

    […]The US Times « H. R. Punk ‘n’ Stuff[…]…

  33. Jennie says:

    Shane West is really Shannon Snaith, Don’s son. That’s why his former band did a cover of the song.

  34. Guitarist Hans Van Brackle and his bassist wife Margie (of the ParalElles) also had a duo (with drum machine, in the Timbuk 3 mode) called Living Links. They did an Xmas single called “Manger” and a full-length LP. The first pressing of the single had the label misprinted as “Manager,” so those were discarded, I understand. One of their best songs, “On the Edge,” unfortunately never got recorded.

  35. My brother bought the LP “Hip Isn’t It” when we were in high school. I copied it onto cassette immediately and still listen to it occasionally (nothing can beat those lyrics!). This week I downloaded Audacity and I’m transferring all my old cassettes to MP3’s. The audio quality of the MP3 is not bad. I recorded it as one file, because I like to listen to it in proper order, as if I were popping my cassette into a tape deck (no shuffle here). I’m happy to share if anyone wants a copy.

  36. Bruce says:

    I own this album, and they also have a second album after they changed their name to The Times.
    I was at LSU vet school 1983-1988. Loved this band.

  37. The Times also released a cassette album (as U.S. Times) in 1986 called “This Town.” SIDE ONE: This Town, Straight Answer, Hawaiian Sand Reader, Ladies Shoes, Right and Wrong, Dip Into the Red; SIDE TWO: Fat Chance Highway, Time to Face the Facts, New Regime, Earth Could Be Worse, Ready to Go, Get Up Get Out, Straight Answer-pt. II. Running times: side one 24:24, side two 25:42. Personnel: Gino Luti, vocals; Hans Van Brackle, guitar, keyboard, vocals, drum programming etc.; Don Snaith, bass, vocals. (These three are pictured in the cover photo.) “With” drummers Buddy Stockwell and Andrew Vetter. It is not specified who played drums on which songs.

  38. Tracy says:

    [ I too have been looking for that album since 1993 when my copy was destroyed. I grew up in B.R. Class of 85. I saw then live almost every time they played. thats what we did was go to see bands because we could always sneak in or knew someone to let us in. I gave up on the album just want some type of recording now.

  39. Beverly Laude says:

    I must have seen the Times at least 100 times from 1981 to 1983….I too have been looking for anything on the Internet about them! I was at the LSU Vet School & a group of us would go to Mother’s Mantle or wherever they were playing….we were a bunch of crazy kids back them! Thanks for sharing & I hope that more becomes available about them! Bas Clas was also an awesome group & I have found several videos of them on You Tube.

  40. hans vanbrackle says:

    This is Hans from the (U.S.) Times. This is an incredible thread! Yes I have a lot of live stuff on cassette and also some live video on VHS(!). If there is anyone out there interested in
    cleaning up and editing for a “proper” indie release (not just throwing up mp3 files online) I would be happy to work with you. Just reply to this thread which I will check from time to time.

  41. hans vanbrackle says:

    I am not looking for any money or anything. If people want to hear this stuff that is good enough for me.

  42. hans vanbrackle says:

    I also have the master tapes for “This Town”. This was a cassette-only release and as far as I know they are all gone….

  43. I hope you find somebody to do the release…..I have worn out my cassette & lost my “album” years ago. I have many happy memories of the US Times at Mother’s Mantle…

  44. Zappa says:

    Saw the Times farewell show at the Chimes. They were really great live. A few years later Geno and Hans had an acoustic thing called Ants Climbing a Tree. I may have an album on cassette tape somewhere. And I may have a recording of an in studio at KLSU where they played Wanna Go to London and I’m an Actor acoustically.

  45. Debbie Davis says:

    i used to be good friends with Gino and the band … Not sure how this popped up when I was looking for tour dates for the Plasmatics in the early 80’s???? Anyway , I worked with Gino and went to all their gigs !! Extremely entertaining and funny !!! Great guys.. Sorry they never were able to go further with the band .. Anybody know where they are now ?
    And is there anywhere on this post to listen to these two song ???
    Thanks for posting !!

  46. BigWeather says:

    Wow, I’ve been searching for the name of this band for decades! Grew up in Baton Rouge in the early 80s and was 10 or so when I ran across this album. All I could remember is that there was a U.S. Flag on the cover and I thought the band was called “U.S. News” or something — I was close but searching for ‘U.S. News” and flag isn’t very helpful on Google haha. Finally found this blog by searching for “Baton Rouge 1980 band” and followed the bread crumbs.

    By the way, the album is on Spotify now if anyone wants a listen.

  47. earl says:

    I remember seeing them live a couple of times at one of the Chimes st. bars. I have a copy of ” Wanna go to London” that I bought there.

  48. Sad to report Buddy Bowers drummer on USTimes Wanna Go To London album has died. Buddy was a great drummer, marine, friend, American man.

  49. Joe Flores cell 225-315-7298 says:

    Great band I saw them 3 times. At The Chimes late 80’s. At Cats on Corporate mid 80,s. And they opened for a band At the LSU assembly center, I think 1984. Culture Club.

  50. I played with the Times after Buddy Bowers left. Juke at the box with the Producers, many shows at the chimes, Art bar, Jacys, open for Culture club at Assembly center. Gino, Hans & Don were great songwriters and musicians also had a great group of fans, should have been much bigger RIP Buddy Bowers.

  51. Tom Hanlon says:

    They had a second album when they moved to California. I had it on vinyl but I can’t find it. Included the song Loitering with Intent.

  52. To Tom Hanlon: The second album you are referring to is titled “Hip Isn’t It”. It was indeed released on vinyl. I was the guitar player in the Times. The band never moved to California; Gino spent a few months there then came back to BR (hence the song “Exiled in L.A.”). The album was recorded in Baton Rouge. I think I have seen some vinyl LP’s for sale on Amazon and a few other websites, so it is out there. It was released as “The Times”, not the “U.S. Times”. (If you strike out I have a box full of them in my house still in the shrinkwrap).

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