Free Pretenders Music!

The Pretenders are offering a new cut each week from their upcoming release for FREE from their website. I signed up on the mailing list, and last week’s issue included the following offer:

Want to See The Pretenders in LA 8/11?
Attention Southern California Pretenders fans!! Want to be a part of an exclusive major internet event with The Pretenders?

Yahoo! Music and Shangri-La Music want you to join us when The Pretenders take the stage for Nissan Live Sets in West Los Angeles, CA.

August 11, 2008
7 pm (subject to change, you will need to arrive two hours before)
Location: West Los Angeles

The first 200 fans to email us at will get in the doors for this exclusive taping. Plus you get to bring a friend. Just email us your name and your location, and we will contact you if you are chosen to attend.

How cool is that?

Sorry I haven’t had much time to update, but I will ASAP!


One Response to Free Pretenders Music!

  1. Diane says:

    imeem is where this week’s download is. “Don’t Cut Your Hair”. So far, the songs have had a twangy, rootsy sound that still has the punk feel of the old Pretenders from the late 70’s. It sounds awesome. I’m digging on it.

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